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Janet L.

“We love the Tang Soo Do class offered for the 5-6 years kids. It has been the best sport class we have ever tried with our 6 year old. Our 6 year old is not a “sporty” kid – but this class has really boosted his energy and interests in active exercises. It teaches important martial arts skills amongst fun games and a wide variety of exercises that interest not only kids but parents as well.”

Brian M.

“My two sons have been students at Revolution Martial Arts for years and have enjoyed a great experience. They have learned focus, respect and leadership while developing their physical coordination and confidence. Master Swanson teaches with great authority and intensity, while ensuring the students have fun and enjoy learning. He is constantly innovating and adding variety to the classes to keep students interested. He is a very kind man and an excellent teacher. I highly recommend Revolution Martial Arts!”

Deidre N.

“We put our son in Revolution Martial Arts when he was 5 to improve his self discipline and on being respectful. He’s transformed from a rambunctious kindergartner, to a focused and driven 12 year old who has more manners than most adults. Competing in tournaments has removed the fear of public speaking and being in the spot light. Training has given both him and me the confidence that he can defend himself and/or others. He has stood up to bullies at school by protecting his friends using the defensive skills he developed in class. Karate is no longer “another sport” to him amongst the others he plays, but is a passion that is part of who he is.

My daughter is 8 and is considered “fun size.” I didn’t want her to grow up being fearful just because she was small. I want her to hold her head up high with the confidence that she is not scared of anyone or anything. At such a young age, she is already equipped with the skills to defend and even attack back if needed. She’s also learned the importance of respect and sets a good example for the students around her. Revolution Martial Arts has definitely exceeded my expectations.”

Kim C.

“Our daughter has always been athletic, competitive, and energetic. She has tried different sports, such as competitive gymnastics, but always felt out of place or different than everyone else. Just a few weeks after starting at Revolution, we saw a complete 180. She was having fun, learning, and no longer felt out of place! It takes a special group of people to be able to teach in a manner that is fun and disciplined at the same time. Since she started in 2016, we have seen a positive change in her attitude, willingness to learn, and strength. Her school work and focus has also changed in a positive manner.”

Jessica A.

“Our son has grown in confidence and coordination since joining Revolution Martial Arts. He is learning and growing without even realizing it through Master Swanson’s fun teaching techniques. As parents, we appreciate the discipline that is instilled through learning. We highly recommend Master Swanson and Revolution Martial Arts!!”

Erik B.

“It’s hard to know even where to start. I have had two kids train with Master Swanson, both very different personalities and he is great with both of them. In fact, he seems to be great with all the kids! He has a lot of patience, is consistent and has a lot of knowledge and experience.

By training with Jake and learning karate, my almost 11-year-old daughter (who has been training at revolution since she was 5) has learned discipline, hard work, and what it means to stick with something through the whole process.

The belt level system gives them something to work towards. It rewards them for their hard work yet shows them they have a long way to go to achieving a mastery in their craft.

I would recommend Revolution Martial Arts to any parent wants to teach their kids not only self-defense in the martial arts, but discipline, hard work, and persistence.

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