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Revolution Martial Arts is a year-round program so new students are able to start any time.

Stop in and check out the facilities and the classes. We are a no pressure school that doesn’t require contracts for our students.


There is a one time Registration fee of $30.

All memberships are month to month & each style is a separate membership.

Uniform costs vary from each style.


Single membership: $75

Couple membership: $125
(2 members in same household)

Family Membership: $160
(3 members in same household)

4th Member: $199



All classes at Revolution Martial Arts are offered year-round. We like all students that are looking to start their training to come in for a couple of classes to make sure the class that you wanting to train in is a good fit. After your trial classes, you can sign up for a membership at any time. If you start in the middle of the month we pro-rate for the rest of the month and start the next month with the regular monthly tuition.
Our experience has shown that children ages four and up will be able to take the greatest advantage from martial art classes. Starting at age four, your child can participate in our trial lesson program, which allows our instructors to work with them one on one and evaluate their readiness for group classes. Our instructors will then recommend the best course of action for you and your child.
Yes! Unlike most team sports, martial arts are focused around an individual’s personal growth, rather than comparison to others. This make martial arts a great outlet for children in general, and particularly helpful for children with challenges. “Team” sports have a heavy focus on physical development focused on helping children become better at a single sport. Martial arts focus on many fundamental areas of growth.
Absolutely not. Your child will be taught from the first lesson that true martial art students never misuse their martial arts skills. Throughout their training, they will be reminded that being physically and mentally tough does not allow one to be tough with others. Instead, students are expected to be humble, courteous, respectful and careful about when and where they practice their skills. The instructors will continually educate your child that martial arts are a form of exercise and self-improvement, not a tool for bullying.
More important than age is asking yourself if you have limiting injuries. Do you have pre-existing knee, back or shoulder injuries? We have had several people training well into their late fifty’s. everything is taught in a safe and controlled environment. If you have limitations we work with you and modify the training to fit you. We will never have you do something that could lead to injury.
By offering classes for kids every day of the week we are able to keep all of our classes to an average 10 – 18 students. Each class has two instructors with 1-2 assistant instructors. We believe in keeping our classes small so every student has personal attention.
No. Our classes run YEAR-ROUND regardless of school/university breaks – except for being closed each year between Christmas and New Year’s.
For most of our programs two times per week is the minimum commitment necessary to make progress; Students have the opportunity to train up to three to six days a week.
We have kid’s classes five days a week so the number of classes you take is based on your own personal schedule. Most of our members train about two to three times per week and see great results.
A common misunderstanding is that you need to be “in shape” before starting any martial arts training. This is completely false. Our classes are designed to allow our members to train “at their own pace”. If you are someone with past issues with injuries or just not as mobile as you used to be we will modify anything we need to make sure you get everything you need out of your training.
You can get started by calling us directly at (319) 350-7198 or emailing [email protected] to schedule your first class.
Yes! In fact, martial arts is often a “home” for kids who don’t excel at team sports. Kids who have trouble in baseball, basketball, etc. often come to martial arts and do extremely well. And it’s okay if your child is not athletic right now. Through our classes, they’ll get in great shape and become very athletic.

Joining Revolution Martial Arts is Easy

Get in better shape, make new friends, and feel better about yourself.